Kenwood Headunit

Dolby 5.1 DVD headunit

SPA Gauges

SPA Double Digital Gauges

Dashboard center console painted

Painted with House of Kolor Rainbow Flakes


Color changed to blue. The speedometer now goes up to 300 km/h and the tachometer has been adjusted from 8 to 9k rpm.

Digital Fuel Gauge

The original fuel gauge has been removed and a new digital fuel gauge has been made at the bottom of the gauge housing.

Gauge needles

The colors of the needles have been changed to red for better visibility.

Installing SPA gauges

The dual SPA digital gauges are installed in the original location of the temperature gauge and fuel gauge. The color of the plate has been changed to Gray

Upholstering B Pillar with Alcantara

Closed hole and upholstered with Alcantara

C pillar upholstered with Alcantara

Rear view mirror upholstered with Alcantara

Shift Boot cover upholstered with  Alcantara

Forged Carbon Fibre on the steering wheel

The upper and lower part of the steering wheel are covered with Forged Carbon

Upholstering Doorpanels in 2 tone.

The door panel inserts are covered with Alcantara. The line on the car is re used in the panel.

Flocking gauge housing

Flocked in black

Flocking Kick Panels

Flocked in Black

Sparco Seats

Original seats removed and replaced for Sparco Torinos. These are still covered in a different color.