Original 1.6

The original 1.6 16v 4A-FE

Engine hood removed

Hood is removed to take out the engine.

Removing Engine

The wiring is disconnected so the engine can be removed.

Engine bay is empty

Everything is full removed

Donor car

Donor Car is a Celica St185 Carlos Sainz edition

Removal Donor engine

Prepping engine for installation

Timing belt replaced. Some parts are painted and samco hoses are installed.


Fidanza light weight Flywheel is installed.

Ready for installation

Fitting engine

Engine is hanging in its mounts.

MoTeC M400

The original ECU will not be used and a MoTeC M400 with advanced function pakket will be installed.

DdV Motorsport

Installation and mapping of the MoteC is done by Dennis de Vos

Bushing kit for the shift cables.

This kit removes the play in the cables.

Car on the Dyno

The car is tested on the Dyno, unfortunately there was no dyno sheet because of the fact that the garage has installed the Dyno and the settings were wrong. The result was spinning tyres on the dyno.

W/A > A/A

The topmount Water/Air intercooler was removed and replaced with a Front Mount Air/Air Intercooler.


Intercooler installed, and bumper put back in place.


A MOCAL Oil cooler will be placed behind the bumper for better cooling.

Installing Cooler

Fitting of the Cooler


An Exedy Stage 1 clutch is being installed while the engine is out of the car for a 4WD conversion.

Accu bracket removal

Due to a Battery Relocation to the trunk the battery bracket will be removed.

Cleaning up the wiring

After having 2 fuse boxes for a while, the wiring is cleaned up now and the second fuse box could be removed.

Cleaning the Wiring Harness

The fuse box of the Celica was still in use, now this last piece has also been sorted out and the car now only has 1 original fuse box that controls everything. The wiring of the new sensors has also been added in the wiring harness.

Conversion 4x4

The car is converted from 2wd to 4wd.


Mishimoto radiator is installed.

Garrett Dual Ball Bearing

Garrett GT Turbo installed

Modified heat shield

The original heat shield has been modified to go over the new turbo.

IAT Sensor installation

Made Adapter plate for IAT sensor.

IAT installed

Intake Air Temp sensor installed in the inlet manifold.


Making Cooling Hose Turbo

Cooling hose must be bent for the Turbo

Bending Lines

The cooling lines for the Turbo are bent.

Oil filter relocation

The oil filter does not fit at the standard location anymore and will be moved

HKS Blowoff

The HKS Blowoff has been repainted in the color of the car. A new part has been made of aluminum so that the blow off can now be mounted just before the throttle valve.

The original heat shield has been modified to fit over the new Garrett.