Center console

Sanded the plastic and applied the primer

Rear spoiler

Applying primer on the spoiler.

Primering Shift knob.

Painting mirror covers

Applying primer on the mirror covers


Masking the 2 tone

Painting Spoiler

Painting Doorjambs

Painting the doorjambs dark grey.

Removing the masking

End result of painting the door jambs.

Extending the lines

All lines are extended. In the door jambs, inside the doors and behind the front fenders. Alle lijnen zijn doorgetrokken.

Painting the outside

Primering the body van de body.

Painting the outside

Painting the insides first

2 Tone in the trunk jambs

All lines continue inside the trunk opening.

Sanding Outside


Masking 2 Tone

The masking line is made by hand on the body.

Painting Silver

Masking for Dark Grey

Painting Dark Grey


2 Tone painted on the body

Sanding for painting flakes

The paint is being sanded so the flakes can be painted.


House of Kolor Rainbow Flakes

These dry flakes are being added to the clear coat.

Flakes painted

The House of Kolor Rainbow flakes are painted.

Flakes painted

Flakes gespoten


Tank cover

The stripes are also continued in the tank lid. It took 9 hours to tape off the cover, because it is double sheet metal.

End result

Adter several months of work this is the end result of the paintjob.

Sanding and polishing


Made an airbrush on the fuse box cover.

Valve cover painted

Inlet manifold painted

HKS Blowoff painted

After the Blowoff had fallen on the ground and got a scratch in the alloy i repainted it in the colour of the car.

Caldina headlights installed

Headlights and side markers of the Caldina are installed.

Installing Projector lights

Installing Hella Xenon low beam projectors and high beam projectors in the housing

Hella Xenon

Hella Xenon projector low beam.

Fitting projectors.